Keane and Quinn Rarely on Speaking Terms

Last updated : 17 February 2007 By Martyn Bowers

Keane revealed: "I speak to him very rarely now he knows my form. It's not an every day thing. If something comes up we'll speak but it could be a week or two in between.

"I know he's working hard in the background, that's his job, and mine is to focus on the team and make sure we're ready and raring to go.

"The most important aspect when I took the job was that there wouldn't be interference. You can have people in the background who are experts at football or business people who don't really know too much.

"There's been no interference from Niall and the people in the background, and that was one of the conditions on which I took the job.

"It's well and good giving the promises before I got the job and then all of a sudden everyone's telling you what to do, or who to pick, but there's been none of that, or otherwise I wouldn't still be here.

"When I've asked for support in terms of bringing in staff and signings and the people I've needed to let go I've had the backing, and rightly so because ultimately the results boil down to me.

"Sunderland fans are delighted Niall's the chairman and there's a good connection because of the history there.

"The fans like to see someone who has played for the club and has had a good career and someone who understands the game."