Sunderland Striker Gets 'Embarrassed' In Training

Steven Fletcher: “I’ve worked with a few good keepers in my time and Wayne Hennessey at Wolves springs to mind.


“Hennessey was instrumental in Wolves doing well in the Premier League when they did. But Simon is up there with the very best.

“We see that in training all the time.

“In fact, I was being tortured by the lads the other day because I was doing well in training but couldn’t get the ball past him.

“Every shot I hit, I connected cleanly with and felt was going to go in, but Simon saved every one of them.

“The lads were just laughing at me because I just couldn’t score against him. It was embarrassing!

“It’s frightening how good Simon is – some of the saves he pulls out in training you just can’t grasp how he could have got it.

“And he’s a good lad too. He’s one of the nicest guys in football and he does everything right and it’s good that we have him in our side.

“But while individual awards are great, it’s all about the team and we need all of us playing well, not just a few.

“We have to keep our points total ticking over because it’s a case now of just adding to the score.

“Hopefully we’ll stay away from the teams immediately below us and begin to look up the table again but a lot of it now is about getting over the line and reaching safety.

“It’s getting closer and closer to the last couple of months and now we’ve just got to stretch that little bit further.

“It’s that important time of the season where things can go either way, and we’ve had a few disappointments in that direction.

“But we want to kick on and do what we’re capable of doing – which is producing good, winning performances.”