Cabanas on the mend.

Last updated : 03 February 2010 By Daryl Baker

Sunderland target and Paraguay International Salvador Cabanas is marking a remarkable recovery from the horrific incident which ended in the striker being shot in the head at point blank range.

Although Cabanas is still in a critical condition with blood on the brain and the bullet lodged in his head, he is now able to speak, eat and even sit up in an arm chair.

Doctors have said that they will not be removing the bullet from Cabanas's skull as it is far too risky, the position in which the bullet is located will be harmless to the striker.

Dr. Ernesto Martinez added "The bullet won't be taken out, we could do more damage if we tried to remove it. But where it's located it doesn't do a bit of harm. The bullet doesn't have to come out, not even for legal reasons or anything."

"Its a small piece of metal that was not harmful, many people live normal lives with implanted metal plates or screws.