Geordie Shore - A true life following of the people of Newcastle.

Last updated : 27 May 2011 By Daryl Baker

Anyone who doesn’t know Newcastle which to be fair 90% of Geordies that post on the Sunderland-mad forum, and would like to see what real life” lads and lasses” are like from Newcastle just watch MTV’s Geordie shore.

The show follows your stereo typical Geordies, supported by one of the boys commented while getting his arse waxed saying he was a true Geordie lad.  While another introducing his father as his work mate only for his father to reply  “when he bothers turning up”, this again is another typical Geordie trait of being work shy.   

It’s just one more thing adding to the incredibly quickly growing list of things that the country can laugh at Newcastle for.

Anyways Geordie Shore you're perfect Newcastle insight, into 99% of Geordies way of life.

MTV 10 Tuesdays “Its Proper belta man!”