Idiot Sunderland fan turns up at Newcastle's training field.

Last updated : 17 January 2011 By Daryl Baker

The so called Sunderland fan that was seen to have pushed mag keeper Steven Harper over during Sunday’s derby match, after running on the pitch was today taken to the Newcastle training field and tent by his Father. 

The child’s Father is said to be shocked and appalled by his son’s actions so much so that he has taken action, taking the boy to apologise to the goal keeper face to face.  The intent was to say sorry to Newcastle United as a club and most importantly Harper himself.

Unfortunately the players were not at the field or tent in which they train today, but the boy did get to meet with mag officials in whom he was reported to be have been “humble and full of remorse”.

Football legend and destroyer of mags Niall Quinn praised Sunderland fans after giving the offending fan up soon after the incident, even Harper himself back the honest Sunderland fans.