Kenwyne, I think I was meant to be here.

Last updated : 28 January 2009 By Daryl Baker
The Trinidad and Tobago forward Kenwyne Jones turned down the chance to move to Tottenham to comment his future to the Black Cats.

Jones in Action after signed a new deal.
Jones explained, "Sometimes in football you don't have control of your future."

"One day you are on top, the next day you are at the bottom. But what will be, will be. I think I was meant to be here."

"Everyone has their plans of how they want the club to progress and Sunderland is taking a step in the right direction."

"It's nice to know that where you are playing, they want you that much they will turn away offers and tie you up."

"It's nice to know another manager saw something in me and wanted to take me to his club, but I think Sunderland is a big football club."

"I have made this decision and I am quite happy to stay here."

"You want stability in your life 90 percent of the time, I guess, but sometimes that doesn't happen. Thankfully, I am here still."

"All in all, I am happy to be here and happy to be part of a big club. Hopefully we can progress and realise our ambitions."