Local Lad will be a wanted man.

Last updated : 30 April 2017 By Daryl Baker

One of the only good things to come out of Sunderland’s season young keeper and local lad Jordan Pickford has shown that he is top class. 

He will surely be a wanted man in the summer, which is no doubt; some muppet has even linked him to a move to the dark side, over at Sid James park’.   The Washington born stopper, was quoted saying that he did not know where is future was if Sunderland where relegated.  However, he would never ever sign for the mags.

The 23 year old is certainly on a path to goalkeeper stardom, and the sensible head would say he is off, away to one of the bigger sides, his agent is probably taking or making calls as I type. 

However, my rose tinted spectacles, would like to see him stay at least for one season, rather than sitting on a bench for one of the Manchester side, Liverpool, or London teams.  He’s young for a keeper, and without any doubt his would be guaranteed a first start every game, although championship football would be no good for his England ambitions – also sitting on a bench won’t do him any favours also.

Maybe some good old fashioned loyalty could rear its head, to show its not completely dead in football, maybe just maybe to lifelong Sunderland fan may just see the light!

Who am I kidding! Just like Jordan Henderson


A move to Newcastle HA!