Muntari, not good enough or too much money?

Last updated : 03 May 2011 By Daryl Baker

Sunderland loanee Sulley Muntari has been in the subject of the press today with a mixed bag of reports but all pointing to one main outcome that he’s getting the boot come the end of the season.

It all started with a write up about the Ghanaian international being told that he is going back to Inter Milan when the end of the season finally arrives.  Continuing to saying that basically Inter Milan has asked for around 8 million for the midfielder on top of that he was also asking for silly wages.  For the effort he has put in rightly so Sunderland have said he just isn’t worth the price tag or wages.

The players agent has come out and said Sunderland can’t afford Muntari, and that is why he is going back.  Which is rather unbelievable as there is money floating about from the sale of various players most notable Darr£n B£nt.

Now the most recent read was in response to Muntari’s agent and saying the money is not an issue its down to the players performances, which is echoed by many of the Black Cats faithful.