O'Neill - I Won't Rest Until We Reach 40Pts

Last updated : 30 January 2013 By Tott Dixon - Seaham

Martin O'Neill: "I have got a difference of opinion about establishing oneself - you could be in this league for five years and you could struggle in any given year and then find yourself not as established as you thought you were.

"Every single year presents the same challenges. You have to get to the points.

"Manchester City, Manchester United and a few sides like that - Chelsea, Arsenal, those sides who have been contesting top four - wouldn't think about worrying about 40 points, but there are quite a number of teams who do.

"Winning games is very important. I take less notice at this stage of position. I would rather have the points on the board. For us, that's still very important.

"Swansea just seem to have kicked on. They have done very well. They are coping reasonably comfortably in this league.

"Last season, of course, was one where they were just first time up and not knowing what to expect and they did very well at that time.

"Now they seem to have improved and they have got some very decent players playing for them."