O'Neill says the daft mags are talking bollocks.

Last updated : 21 January 2012 By Daryl Baker

The Sunderland Manager has spoken out about the daft work shy toot’s saying that they nicked there new striker Pa-piss Cissy out from under our noses. 

Some of them have even said Ellis Shorts own personal jet flow him over (like what would they know about private jets, as they race around in their 1.0 litre Corsa’s with steel drain pipes welded to the back). 

Anyways Martin O’Neill, has said they we were never interest in Pa-piss, so that has pa-pissed on the skunks chips well and truly.

Let’s just hope those skunks will bugga off back to making shows “geordie shore” the true life documentary life in toot’s-ville, and help show the world the what they really are like.

Geordie jumpers!