Sunderland - 40 Years On!

Last updated : 04 January 2013 By Tott Dixon - Seaham

Martin O’Neill: “Last year it was great for the club to reach the quarter-finals.


“There were some great games in that run, some good days.

“And although the Everton game, which ended it, was a disappointment, it went hand-in-hand with our good league run and both runs helped each other I felt.

“I’d love to see something similar happen again this time, but we know how hard it is going to be this weekend.

“You wouldn’t want to go to Bolton at this stage, but we have to do it.

“They’ve had a tough old season this season, but they are capable of pulling themselves together for a good second half of the campaign..

“I watched them against Leeds on a difficult surface, but they gave as good as they got, and they probably feel this FA Cup game is a respite from demanding league duties just as we do.”