Sunderland and SOL to be moved with new badge released!

Last updated : 16 February 2007 By John Jenkin
New Sunderland Badge
Left is the new Sunderland AFC badge that is planned for next year.

The ball has already started rolling on plans to take down the Stadium of Light and either ship it to Dublin or Corke.

The location of the move will be made by a coin toss between Roy and Niall.

Quinn had this to say "We've been slowly trying to nick Sunderland football club for some time now and I'm so happy that's starting to happen."

Sunderland shirts for next season have already been released to the public and can be seen below.

New Sunderland Home Shirt
New Sunderland Away Shirt

Now all that's a little extreme, but everything seems to be looking green these days. We have Niall Quinn, Roy Keane, Kenny Cunningham, Johnny Evans, Clive Clarke, Graham Kavanagh, David Connolly, Stephen Elliott, Daryl Murphy, Liam Miller and Anthony Stokes involved with the club. Not to mention we're owned by the Irish too.

There's been a steady increase in the number of Irish Sunderland supporters since our invasion and this looks to get more attention over the coming years.

Keano had this to say on the matter "I think there's a cult growing around the club in Ireland now. Over the years they've all been Man United, Celtic, Liverpool and Arsenal fans, but we're hoping to break into that.

"With the Irish lads here it's obviously helped, and the fact I'm involved, Niall's Irish and the owners of the club are Irish.

"There's a lot of interest and even if we just become a lot of people's second-favourite team, that would be nice.

"We've discussed pre-season a bit already. We'll have a better gauge at the end of the season when we know which league we're going to be playing in.

"But there have been talks and we're looking at Ireland. There have been lots of invitations from clubs in Ireland and one or two in Scotland. We may need to go abroad as well and spread the word, I suppose.

"The priority for me is to get good preparation and good training facilities, and the club will be looking at the PR side of it.

"It's nice if we go somewhere our fans can travel to from Sunderland to see their side play in another country. You can't compromise too much, but the club are looking at ways of plugging into different things and, as a manager, I have to be open-minded.

"But I've always been pretty open-minded. That said, if I believe in something I try to stick to my guns. But there are no plans for an away kit in green — not at this moment in time!"

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