Sunderland Confirm They Will Not Refund Fans for Behind Closed Doors Games

Sunderland have announced that the club will not be offering refunds to season ticket holders for any of the games which are to be played behind closed doors - including the upcoming 2020/21 campaign.

The future of this season's League One is shrouded in doubt, and clubs are still waiting to discover whether they will be able to complete their fixtures - or if the campaign will be curtailed prematurely.

Sunderland's season tickets will not get their money back.

But the Black Cats have staggeringly decided that in either scenario, supporters will not be offered any form a refund for their season cards - instead confirming on their official website their intention to show streams of games instead.

Sunderland had previously announced on Friday that supporters would be eligible for refunds for the final three home games of the season, but they have since changed their stance, only allowing season ticket holders to watch the game on an official stream.

And for those who don't have the technology or don't want to watch the game from home, there is simply no other option.

"Should the season be completed behind closed doors, season card holders would be automatically entitled to a streaming pass only. No further refund would be provided either by way of cash or voucher," the club stated in an online Q&A.

Fans will be offered an online streaming pass to watch Sunderland's games.

But the bad news doesn't stop there for Sunderland supporters. For those who have already renewed their season tickets for the 2020/21 season - before the COVID-19 outbreak - they will once again receive no cash refund, but they will be offered another streaming pass in return.

"In the event that any 2020-21 games are played behind closed doors, season card holders would receive a streaming pass only for the corresponding games and no further refund would be provided either by way of cash or voucher."

This also means that any family which has bought more than one ticket per household will be paying for several unusable season cards next year, and they will not be able to claim a refund - despite all sharing the same streaming pass.

Source : 90min