Sunderland Fans Launch Furious Twitter Protest Calling for Owner Stewart Donald to Sell Club

​Sunderland fans have started a furious protest on Twitter against club owner Stewart Donald, who they want to see sell the club in the very near future.

Donald took charge of the club in May 2018 but has failed to usher in any improvement at the club, who currently sit 15th in League One. 

Thursday's 0-0 draw with bottom side Bolton Wanderers appears to have been the final straw for fans, who were forced to watch unpopular manager Phil Parkinson set his side up defensively to hang on for a point. Fan groups A Love Supreme, Red and White Army, Roker Report and Wise Men Say released a ​joint statement to voice their frustrations.

"You said you’d sell Sunderland AFC when you’d outstayed your welcome. That time is now," they wrote.

"As the chants for Super Kev reverberated around the stadium it became clear that the fans do not agree with the chosen appointment of Phil Parkinson. When he took a defender off for another defender the venom was too much for many to conceal. 

"We were playing out for a clean sheet against a team that were nearly out of business less than six months ago.

"We don’t expect to be playing in the ​Champions League, but we don’t expect to be set up defensively to the bottom club in League One at home on what is traditionally the biggest game of the season in terms of attendance. Nobody knows what the long term plan is and any trust that fans had in the boardroom has eroded.

"For our club to move forward now change needs to happen on the pitch, in the dugout and in the boardroom.”

The statement was posted on Twitter using the hashtag #DonaldOut, and many fans took the opportunity to get in on the action.

Some called Donald a liar and accused him of making up reports of his investment in the club, while others called on supporters to flood the pitch with tennis balls when Sunderland host Lincoln City on 4th January.

The campaign ended up trending on Twitter in the United Kingdom, and more fans were voicing their frustrations with each passing minute. They do not want to see things get even worse for their club but, as it stands, supporters don't see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Source : 90min