The Best Memes & Funnies From Around Football This Week

Oh yeah, it's back. We've missed you, memes of the week, welcome back.

Look, football can be depressing. Social media? Equally depressing. But sometimes when you combine the two and learn not to take things too seriously, it can be a winning combination. 

Here's the best of what the internet has had to offer over the last week or so. 

​Tiny Hazard

Eden Hazard isn't a particularly small man: at around 5ft 7", he's about average-sized. But next to Slovenian basketball player Luka Doncic, he most certainly doesn't look it.

The Dallas Mavericks guard stands at 6ft 7" and the sight of the two of them together almost distorts reality.

Also, it's also absolutely hilarious. Look how small he is. LOOK.

The internet, as it is wont to do, had its fun. 

Charlton Athletic and Chill

Season one of Netflix series Sunderland Til I Die delighted almost every football fan that doesn't support Sunderland, as it tracked the Black Cats abject failure to get promoted from League One.

Season two will follow their second attempt to do so at the second time of asking in the 2018/19 campaign. Spoiler: they don't. 

And Charlton, who beat them in the playoff final, are understandably buzzing. 

Sunderland fans, meanwhile, aren't taking the fun at their expense particularly well.

Eric Dier Chasing a Spurs Fan

OK, so serious point. Eric Dier reacting badly to comments directed at his brother - not funny at all. 

But the WWE backstage brawl-style manner in which he furiously charged into the stand, and the culprit legging it for his life - sorry, but it's really, really funny. 

Almost as funny as the parallels drawn between the player and Homer Simpson's nemesis, Ned Flanders. 

Oh, Steven Gerrard

So yeah, Rangers fans had a moment's applause for manager Steven Gerrard in the eighth minute of their Scottish Premiership clash with Hamilton, in honour of the number he famously wore for ​Liverpool.

Why? Is he terminally ill? Nope, he's just come in for criticism after his side cataclysmically bottled the SPFL Premiership title race. 

A bit cringeworthy, but a nice show of respect for the manager. And it would surely all be forgotten about with a routine win against the league's bottom side anyway, so who cares? 


But hey, at least Rangers fans have their manager's back through thick and thin. After all, there's no way they went from a dedicated moment's applause to calling for his head within 90 minutes, right. You've still got the fans' faith, Stevie. 


​​Ah. Oh well, the ​Liverpool under-23s job is free.

Source : 90min