The Black Cats Final Score: Birmingham City v Sunderland AFC

Last updated : 21 February 2007 By John Jenkin
Final Score

Edwards (28)



League Position




Simpson, Evans, Nosworthy, Collins

Edwards, Whitehead, Yorke, Stokes

John, Connolly

Subs: Ward, Leadbitter, Wallace, Hysen and Miller (L)


First of all I think I have to start this game's analysis with "OH MY GOD"! Now that's out of the road we can move onto what happened at St Andrews. This is a game that we should have won without doubt. For Birmingham it will feel like a win and for us, like a lose.

Despite the disappoinment of conceeding a goal at such a crucial time, our form doesn't seem to be wavering as our quick, slick pacey football had Birmingham chasing shadows in the first half and because of our application and ability in this game I'm still full of confidence. Put it this way, Derby will not like what they're seeing and what better way to put this game to bed than by dishing The Rams a footballing slap to the chops.

It's still hard to not wonder what would the situation of been had we picked up the three points last night. Regardless of that, I think we are the only team in this league that will be favourites to win in all our games, home or away in this league.

Even if we don't make the top two, would you be too worried about the play-offs? We're fitter, stronger, better and quicker than all the teams around us and it's a long time since I've been able to say that about at Sunderland side.

With success come expectation and we need to take a leaf out of Roy Keane's book and keep ourself grounded. Take each game as it comes and get behind our team. We have no excuses as supporters!

I was very disappointed with Birmingham's show of support. If you can't pull a big crowd against us then who can you pull one against. Why were Sunderland only allocated 2,000 tickets when they can't fill their stadium? Maybe they know how good our support is and knew it would work against them.

When I seen Edwards goal I spat my cup of tea all over the TV!! It was a goal even another certain Carlos would have been proud of! Goal of the season anybody? It's worth noting that Edwards really looks a class act and judging him on his current form, is premiership class too. £1.5m well spent I say!! There's a few players in our team now that are looking like they could take the step up.

So Derby come to the Stadium of Light next and after another romping performance you can only imagine what the game against Derby will be like. Not only do I think we'll beat Derby, but I think they could on the wrong end of whipping, top of the league or not!

Ha'way the lads!!!

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