The messiah gives his opinion.

Last updated : 30 April 2017 By Daryl Baker

Sunderland god Niall Quinn has spoken out about Sunderland’s now confirmed relegations to the Championship after a dismal season.

The big man said pretty much what we all have been thinking and what has been needed for years, that the club needs an “overhaul”.

He then makes of example of Southampton, in that the club should bring some good youth players on forward, and not dash out to spend silly money on foreign imports as a quick fix.

Quinn said “The fans now want to see heart, aggression and something that shows that there’s something different happening at the club so they can make it back.”

He then went on to say that the fans need to see the club bring forth a plan over the summer to bounce back, the back room staff need to take a look at calming things down then building on it.