They think its all over, it is now!

Last updated : 30 April 2017 By Daryl Baker

As the misery of the season comes to a end, at least the fans - gutting as it is, can look forward to the new season with championship football after 10 years in the top division. 

Several questions are yet to be answered and only time will give us the answers.

Speaking to fellow Sunderland fans, with a few mixed feeling about David Moyes. 

Some say, give him time, let him build the team and come back fighting, in a hope he can recreate the success of the Everton team that got him noticed in football. 

I get that, and part of me agrees, I have to say I think the rate that football teams go through managers is crazy.  I do see that a manager does need time to make his home, and his team, Alex Ferguson didn’t hit the ground running at Man United.  The legend that is Brain Clough didn’t always get it right first time, before becoming the only English manager to win the European Cup (which is now pretty much the Champions League).

Other opinions (and I have to say I lean to this one) is that Moyes should go once the last Sunderland game has been played. 

For me he has been a very negative manager, more often than not he been full of doom and gloom in interviews, so god knows what he is saying in the dressing room.  Comments like it would take a miracle to keep this team up, shouldn’t be said by the manager of the side for me.  Ok he may well think it.  We all did!  However, this guy is being paid, and paid handsomely to install confidence in the side, his players, even do a bit arse kicking if need be.    

So will he be sacked, will he walk or will he stay.  Will he be given the funds to build a side, or will Short sell the club?  - Is there a buyer lined up?

Who knows! – It’s going to be an interesting summer!