Two Factors that could stop Cisse from being a Black Cat.

Last updated : 27 February 2009 By Daryl Baker
Sunderland Chairman Niall Quinn spoke today about the only two worries he has if Manager Ricky Sbragia wants to keep hold of striker Cisse after the loan deal is up.

Quinn on Cisse, "Now he loves it here and he would love to have his future here - we take that as a very good sign. But there are a couple of factors at play here."

"One is that I can't commit to him until we are safe - that's economically rather than football wise. If Ricky wants him football-wise I can't commit to him if we are a Championship club."

"I couldn't give so much of our revenue to Marseille for a starter if we were a Championship club. It would be bad practice."

"We need to know where we are going before we make a decision."

"The second thing to bear in mind is that sterling has fallen apart since we made the deal and he's become about two or three million pounds dearer since we first agreed the deal."

"So we have to look at that. I'm not saying we won't do it, I'm saying it has to be looked at."

"A strong finish to the season would put a little bit more money into the club."

"If Ricky wants him and we feel good about the deal, then I'm sure we will find a way to do it."

"But economically it is not so straight forward. Hopefully though it's only a short delay before we amass enough points and can plan from there."